Gobabis is situated approximately 205 kilometres on the route from Namibia's capital city, Windhoek to Botswana, some 110 km from the Trans-Kalahari Border Post. It is the regional capital and commercial centre of Omaheke. The name is Khoi-Khoi for “the place of strife”. Interestingly enough a slight misspelling, favoured by the locals of Gobabis, would change the meaning to “a drinking place of elephants”, which is probably a reference to the nearby Swart Nossob River. 

Gobabis Municipality is in the heart of the prosperous cattle farming area, and is the capital of eastern Namibia. It is also known as the “Little Texas” of Namibia. Gobabis is certainly proud of its cattle farming heritage, so much so that a statue of a large bull with the inscription “Welcome to Cattle Country” greets visitors to the town. 

Gobabis Municipality is located within two hour’s drive from Windhoek, which is reachable from Windhoek by air, rail, and road. Gobabis Municipality and townlands have been excluded from the Resettlement Reform Board area in order to facilitate the establishment and operation of the local authority area of the Municipality of Gobabis. 

The Municipal Council consist of seven councillors, with the Mayor of the town being the ceremonial head, representing the inhabitants of Gobabis Municipality in the political and social environment. The Chief Executive Officer serves as the administrative head of the institution.  The reigning Mayor is His Worship Liberius Kalili of the Swapo Party.  Mr. Ignatius Thudinyane serves as the Chief Executive Officer.


Infrastructures and Public Services/Amenities 

  • Electricity supply by NamPower (national utility)
  • Water supply by NamWater (national utility)
  • Sanitation: waterborne system sewerage in planning

Education Facilities

At community level, education is directly interlinked to socio-economic development. While Gobabis may not be at the highest levels when it comes to academic rating in the country, there are three high schools and one private high school, six primary schools and one private primary school in town. 

With regard to technical, adult or tertiary education, the University of Namibia (UNAM) and the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) both have student satellite centres, though it was reported that NUST will be building a campus in Gobabis soon. 

Other institutions contributing to education of this community and providing their services are Namibia College of Open Learning (NAMCOL), Community Skills Development Centre (COSDEC) and the Omaheke and Ounongo Technology Centre.

Health Facilities

  • Two private facilities with five private doctors
  • Four private pharmacies
  • One state hospital
  • One private health centre
  • One state clinic

Financial Institutions 

  • Bank Windhoek
  • First National Bank
  • Standard Bank
  • NamPost
  • Old Mutual
  • Metropolitan
  • Orion Financial
  • Letshego

Telecommunication Network 

  • MTC Namibia
  • Telecom Namibia
  • TN Mobile
  • NamPost
  • Omaheke Radio
  • Internet Café