Tallismanus Settlement is the district capital of Otjombinde Constituency of the Omaheke Region. It is located 180 kilometres on gravel road from the regional capital, Gobabis

The settlement has five schools and a clinic. 

Businesses here include Chi-Carteen Shopping Centre, Tallismanus Service Station, Tallismanus Restaurant, Providence Guesthouse, Tjozongoro Bakery, Tjitunga General Dealer, Nauta General Store. 

Possible areas of investments in Tallismanus are in the tourism sector, livestock farming and horticulture. 

Employment and major sources of income for the residents of Tallismanus include employment at Government institutions. Other sources of employment and income include communal farming and small business activities. 

Besides the Settlement Office, Otjombinde Constituency Office is also stationed here while the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare, Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Safety and Security have offices here.