Buitepos Settlement in the Kalahari Constituency of the Omaheke Region and is the exit point for Trans-Kalahari Highway into Botswana. It is located 110 kilometres on tarred road from the regional capital, Gobabis and has a population of 900 residents. The Omaheke Regional Council has built water reticulation systems and additional funds are availed to construct sewerage reticulation. By constructing services, most investors are likely to migrate to Buitepos with the hope of expanding business. 

Ministries such as Finance; Agriculture, Water and Forestry; Health and Social Services; Home Affairs and Immigration; and Safety and Security have established offices and accommodation facilities in Buitepos from where they render their services.

The settlement has a police station, one filling station and a business named East Gate. Possible areas of investments include property rental and tourism services.

Most people at Buitepos are employed by Government ministries, a lodge and a filling station which employs some of the residents at Buitepos.