Omaheke region has seven constituencies, namely AminuisGobabisEpukiroKalahariOkorukambeOtjinene and Otjombinde, each headed by an elected Regional Councillor. The region has one town, Gobabis, which is 200 km from the capital city, Windhoek and which serves as the regional capital.  Three proclaimed villages, namely Leonardville (Aminuis Constituency), Otjinene (Otjinene Constituency), and Witvlei (Okorukambe Constituency) and eight recognised traditional authorities from different communities who advise the President on communal land and traditional matters, exist in the region.

Furthermore, the region has seven settlements, i.e. Aminuis and Corridor 13 (Aminuis Constituency), Buitepos (Kalahari Constituency), Epukiro Pos 3 (Epukiro Constituency), Omitara and Summerdown (Okorukambe Constituency) and Tallismanus (Otjombinde Constituency).

Gobabis Constituency has the majority of the population in the region (20 993) while Epukiro is the least populated (6 106). Okorukambe is the largest in terms of surface area (19 000 km2) while Kalahari is smallest.


Constituencies                        Settlements                            Local Authorities

 Aminuis Constituency                           Aminuis Settlement                              Gobabis Municipality

 Epukiro Constituency                            Buitepos Settlement                             Leonardville Village Council

 Gobabis Constituency                           Corridor 13 Settlement                         Otjinene Village Council

 Otjinene Constituency                           Epukiro Settlement                               Witvlei Village Council

 Otjombinde Constituency                      Omitara Settlement

 Okorukambe Constituency                    Talismanus Settlement

 Kalahari Constituency                           Summerdown Settlement