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MAY 2020

 COVID-19 Coordination Committee Meeting 

 2nd Ordinary Council Meeting

 3rd Ordinary Council Meeting

 Regional Disaster Risk Management Committee Meeting

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Formal Education, Adult Literacy and Library Services

The Directorate of Education, Arts and Culture implements the National Standards and Performance Indicators for Schools (NSPI) and specifications, standards and monitors hostels.  The Directorate also implements the Namibia School Feeding Programme and provides support to community hostels.  The Direcotorate further implements national policies and guidelines on education provision to educationally marginalized children through special needs education and inclusive education as well as providing guidance, counselling and support services, especially for educational, psychological and social assessment.  The Directorate runs community and school libraries to ensure learners and inhabitants have access to all sorts of information in all formats, (including Braille and audio books for visually impaired).

Contact the Directorate of Education, Arts and Culture for more information.  Click here for contact details

Resettlement Programme

The Division of Land Reform facilitates, coordinates and implements the resettlment process and activities.  The Division further collects resettlement rental fees, provides post-settlement support, resolves disputes and implements group resettlement projects.

Contact the Division of Land Reform for more information.  Click here for contact details


Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

The Division of ICT provides access to modern information and communication technology through Multi-purpose Community Centres located at Farm Du Plessis (Okorukambe Constituency) and Tallismanus (Otjombinde Constituency). The Division also films, edits, produces, and disseminates print and audiovisual materials as well as multi-media coverage of Government programmes, services and activities. A Public Address system (sound system) is available for hire from the Division of ICT at a fee of N$300.00 per day. The Division of ICT distributes and sells videos/DVDs and publications on government policies, activities, programmes and the country’s developmental plans. There is an Internet Cafe for public access at the Regional Office of the Ministry of ICT in Gobabis.

Contact the Division of ICT for more information. Click here for contact details


Division of Works

The Division of Works renovate and maintain all Government properties and related infrastructure as well as providing office space to the Government Ministries, Offices and Agencies.  The Division further allocates official accommodation to the members of civil servants.

Contact the Division of Works to access these services.  Click here for contact details


Division of Gender Equality and Child Welfare

The Division of Gender Equality and Child Welfare  supports income generating activities, builds capacity of community members, and provides financial support for small-scale business initiatives especially those run and managed by women to promote economic empowerment for women. The Division further provides capacity building to rural and disadvantaged urban communities to develop entrepreneurial skills to augment their income and promote employment opportunities and/or self-employment.

Contact the Division of Gender Equality and Child Welfare to access these services.  Click here for contact details