Regional Coordinating Structures Regional Coordinating Structures

The regional coordinating structures are vital pillars that, in accordance with the decentralization policy, involve all of the various stakeholders in the planning, development and administration of the region, with the aim of bringing services closer to the people. The following committees are operational in the region:


Regional Development Coordinating Committee

The Regional Development Coordinating Committee (RDCC) is chaired by the Chief Regional Officer and intends to bring heads of line ministries, non-governmental organizations, community based organizations as well representatives from constituency development committees together to provide technical support to the recommended development plans for the region. The committee meets quarterly for the purpose of planning and monitoring of the implementation of the Regional Development Plan.


Constituency Development Committees

A Constituency Development Committee (CDC) is established at constituency level and comprises representatives of institutions operating within each constituency. CDC meetings are chaired by the Regional Councilor of the Constituency. The primary mandate of a CDC is to identify the needs of the constituency and submit the plan to the Regional Council for inclusion in the Regional Development Plan by the RDCC, as well as for the monitoring of projects implemented at constituency level. 


Settlement Development Committees

A Settlement Development Committee (SDC) is established for each declared Settlement area and is tasked with coordinating the administration and development of the settlements. The committee is chaired by the chief administrative officer.  The SDC assists the settlement office with the planning and development of the settlements.


Village Development Committees

A Village Development Committee is established in each proclaimed village (i.e. at Leonardville, Otjinene and Witvlei) for the purpose of ensuring proper planning and development of the respective Village for the benefit of all residents. It is chaired by Chairperson of the Village Council.


Regional Disaster Risk Management Committee

A Regional Disaster Risk Management Committee is established for managing disasters (i.e. drought, floods) in the region. The Committee brings together Regional Councilors and ministries that render support in any such disasters. The meeting is chaired by the Chairperson of the Regional Council. The Office of the Prime Minister renders significant financial and material support to the Disaster Risk Management Programme.


Regional and Constituency AIDS Coordination Committees

Both of these committees coordinate HIV and AIDS interventions at the regional and constituency levels and are chaired by the Chairperson of the Regional Council and the Regional Councilors of each constituency respectively.