The Regional Council

Omaheke Regional Council was established by the Regional Councils Act, No. 22 of 1992 . Our mandate is to govern and manage the Omaheke region through planning in all matters pertaining to social, economic and physical development for the inhabitants.

It is one of the fourteen regions in the Republic of Namibia. It is governed by elected representatives from all the seven constituencies in the region who together make up the Regional Council.  Members of the Regional Council hold office for a period of five years from the date of election.  Three of these members are elected to represent the Regional Council at the National Council.  The Regional Council is headed by the Chairperson who holds office for a period of two and a half years and works closely with the Regional Governor.

The seat of the Omaheke region is in Gobabis, which is also the regional capital.

Meetings of the Regional Council

Ideally, the Omaheke Regional Council holds meetings once every month to discuss matters relating to the development of the region.  Meetings of the Regional Council are open to the public, except on matters relating to the appointment, promotion, conditions of employment and discipline of any particular staff member of the Council; an offer is to be made by the Regional Council for the purchase of any property; the institution of any legal proceedings by, or opposition of any legal proceedings instituted against, the Council, unless the Regional Council by a majority of at least two-thirds of its members present at the meeting in question determines such meeting to be so open. 


Management Committee

The Regional Council has a Management Committee consisting of the Chairperson of the Regional Council and two other members who are elected by the Regional Council from amongst its members. 


Chief Regional Officer and Staff

The Regional Council appoints a Chief Regional Officer after consultation with the Minister of Urban and Rural Development, who is the Chief Executive Officer of the Regional Council and is, subject to the control and directions of the Regional Council, responsible for carrying out of the decisions of the Regional Council and for the administration of the affairs of the Regional Council.

The Regional Council also appoints other staff members for the purpose of performing work incidental to the exercise of its powers, duties and functions. 

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