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Tel No: +264 62 563 032/3

Fax No: +264 62 564 007


Address: Church Street, GOBABIS, Namibia



Regional Governor:  Omaheke Region

Honourable Festus T. Ueitele


The Regional Governor is a representative of the President and Central Government in the region; the political head of the region. In that capacity, the Regional Governor acts as a link between the Central Government and the Regional Council, Local Authorities and Traditional Leaders.


The Office of the Regional Governor is entrusted with the following duties:

  • To coordinate the implementation of Government policies and programmes with different Offices, Ministries and Agencies; as well as with state-owned enterprises, Regional Council, Local Authorities and Traditional Authorities.  This is imperative in enhancing the coordination of the implementation function of Government policies.
  • To oversee the exercise of any executive function in the region, in consultation with the Minister of any Office/Ministry/Agency.
  • To keep abreast of developments relating to the region and to bring any matter to the attention of the President or the relevant Minister if deemed advisable.
  • To deliver a state of the Region Address once every year in accordance with Article 110A (5) and (6) of the Namibian Constitution.
  • To settle or mediate any dispute or other matters that might arise in the region.
  • To coordinate with the Chairperson of the Regional Council and Members of the Management Committee and other Councillors on such matters which are relevant to the functions of the Regional Council.


Strategic Focus of the Office of the Governor


To be a wealthy, self-sustained region.



Striving towards prosperity for all residents of the Region in unison through an inclusive approach, aimed at effective service delivery.


Core Values

  • Servant-hood
  • Efficiency
  • Respect
  • Value
  • Innovation
  • Coordination
  • Equity