Otjombinde Constituency Otjombinde Constituency

Otjombinde Constituency is an electoral constituency in Omaheke Region. It has 6,851 inhabitants according to the 2011 Population and Housing Census  report .

The Regional Councillor for Otjombinde Constituency is Honourable Katjanaa Kaurivi, an independent candidate.

Otjombinde is situated 240 kilometers east of Gobabis bordering with Botswana to the east, Epukiro to the west, Okorukambe to the south, Otjinene to the north-west and Otjozondjupa region to the north. 

The constituency has one declared settlement named Tallismanus and three recognized growth points: Eiseb 10, Helena and Okatumba Gate. Otjombinde is characterized by a multicultural diversity dominated by Ovambanderu and Ovaherero followed by the San and the Ovazemba communities. 


Okatumba Gate

Okatumba Gate is situated about 130 kilometres from Tallismanus (this is the exit from Tallismanus to Eiseb 10 and Gam). There is one shop, namely Nauta General Store. Small businesses are possible areas for investment. Communal farming is the main employer and source of income for residents complemented by small business activities.


Eiseb 10

Eiseb 10 is situated about 140 kilometres from Tallismanus and approximately 380 kilometres from Gobabis, and is an exit point to Gam. There is one school, one clinic and one shop, Nauta General Store. Possible areas of investments include water graben development, electricity, solar, livestock farming employment. Conservancies are the major source of income for residents while other employment and sources of income for residents are Government institutions, livestock farming and small businesses. The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry has an office here.


Economic Development and Investment

Water Provision

Eiseb Graben is blessed with plenty of water which can be used for agricultural crop production and can create employment opportunity once implemented. 

This water can also be used for animals and be bottled for sale. The availability of water presents a great opportunity for aqua-culture production and the construction of pipe-line from Eiseb Graben to the Tallismanus area, which has a shortage of underground water. 

Plenty of grazing land 

The Otjombinde constituency is blessed with virgin land that can be used by potential farmers. This land is sufficiently vast to accommodate resettled farmers who wish to venture into farming activities. 

Tourism and accommodation 

Tallismanus Settlement has a guest house named Providence, which provides quality accommodation services to visitors, tourists and local individuals engaging in leisure activities. Otjombinde has three proclaimed conservancies which add value to the economy of the constituency in terms of tourist attraction and trophy hunting activities. The sustainability of these conservancies can lead to the erection of game fencing which would bring additional advantages such as game camps. 

Bush encroachment 

Bush Encroachment affects grazing and the mobility of people and animals in Otjombinde Constituency. The idea is to turn this challenge into an opportunity by means of cutting down some of the bush in order to create accessibility for livestock and to allow more grazing grass to grow on the grounds surface. By doing so, employment opportunities are created and the living standard of the community will be improved. 

Livestock farming 

Cattle auctioning is one of the activities that contributes to the economy of the Otjombinde constituency. Approximately 200-250 cattle are auctioned and sold on a monthly basis, and this can potentially generate N$500,000 cash inflow for farmers. Cattle can be sold to abattoirs for beef processing and the skins can be sold for production of leather products. The horns of the cattle are often utilized to produce cosmetic and ornamental products such as earrings. 


Marketing Opportunities 

Livestock produce milk which is sold for consumption or processed further to produce dairy products such as cheese, butter and omaze wo zongombe. In terms of cattle farming businesses, there is the possibility of improving the state of the current livestock auction pens that market cattle in the constituency to potential buyers. These auction pens market cattle in terms of weight, quality and healthiness. There are currently four auction pens: 

•     Tallismanus auction pens

•     Okatumba Gate auction pens

•     Helena auction pens

•     Okoutjove auction pens


Community Projects in Otjombinde Constituency 

The following projects in the constituency need to be strengthened and supported to create employment opportunities for the inhabitants and to render required services: 

Income-generating Project 



Joice Tailoring Boutique 

Produces clothes, school uniforms 

Situated at Tallismanus 

Ngaikarerere Investment 

Produces fresh bread 

Eiseb 10 

Morukondjo Bricks Project 

Manufacturing bricks 


Mavanga Meat Processing 

Processing and selling meat 


Leather Processing Project 

Produces shoes, sandals, etc. 

Eiseb 10 

Lime Stone Project 

Mining stones used as building material 

Okatumba Gate Area 

Okapana Project 

Selling grilled meat and food 


CoHeNa Goats Project 

Breeding and selling goats to generate income for people living with HIV and AIDS. 


Okoutjove Needle Work Project 

Knitting and weaving clothes and other materials for selling 


Devils Claw 

Harvest, slice and drying Devils Claw for selling 

Donkerbos and Sonnerblom 

Tallismanus Welding and Tyre repairs 

Welding and repairing tyres