Otjinene Constituency has one proclaimed village named after the constituency. The village was proclaimed 28 February 28, 2011, but its local authority election was only held on the August 29, 2014. Since then it is governed by a Village Council that has five seats.  The Chairperson of the Village Council is Honourable Landine Kauta. Mr. Nathaniel Karuaihe serves as the Chief Executive Officer, the administrative head of the Council.

It is the district capital of Otjinene Constituency with a population of 2,102 inhabitants. Otjinene is connected via a 170 kilometres tarred road to the regional capital Gobabis, and via a 227 kilometres tarred road to Grootfontein.

Otjinene is surrounded by a communal area, where there are many villages. There are more or less 20 households in each village. 

There is one filling station, a police station, a health centre, an airstrip, one commercial bank (Standard Bank), a post office (Nampost), three schools and a number of auction pens. 

There are number of retailers such as U Save, Harmony Supermarket, a Meat Market, a Mini Depot and Restaurant, Putuvanga Supermarket, Ngatupue Supermarket, Taviza Hardware, MTC Container, Okarindi Shop, Girrafino Restaurant and a China Shop.

Possible areas of investment here include shopping malls, butchery, abattoir, bakery, hardware store, clothing shop, agriculture-related products shop, light industries manufacturing, accommodation facilities and an animal health clinic. 

Government institutions and animal farming are the main employers and major sources of income for residents.

Offices that exist here include the Ministries of Agriculture, Water and Forestry (Directorate of Veterinary Services, Direcotrate of Rural Water Supply and Sanitation, Directorate of Forestry and Directorate of Agricultural Production, Engineering and Extension Services); Youth, National Service and Sport, Gender Equality and Child Welfare, NaTIS, Magistrate Court, Ongendo Development Trust, CoHeNa, NamWater and CENORED.