Regional Councils have been mandated by Article 103 (3) and Article 108 of the Namibian Constitution , and Section 28 of the Regional Council Act, No. 22 of 1992  (as amended) to plan and develop their respective regions in a sustainable manner for the benefit of their inhabitants.

This entails governing and managing the region through planning in all matters pertaining to social, economic and physical development for the inhabitants.

Strategic Plan

The Omaheke Regional Council as the custodian of regional planning and development in Omaheke Region has developed a 5-year Strategic Plan for 2017/18 to 2021/22  – to ensure the implementation of its mandate based on the national plans, namely Vision 2030 , the Fifth National Development Plan (NDP5)  and Harambee Prosperity Plan .



To be a leading Regional Council in unity, effectiveness and efficiency



To plan, coordinate and implement development as well as delivering accessible and quality services to the inhabitants of the region.



Unity - We are cognisant of the diversity in the region and we cherish unity within the diversity of cultures

Accountability - We are answerable for our actions

Equity - We are fair in distribution of our resources

Transparency - We are open in all our dealings and at all times

Innovation - We find new ideas of doing things effectively and efficiently



  1. Enhance effective and efficient internal process, systems and structures
  2. Strengthen socio-economic development
  3. Improve disaster risk management
  4. Improve development planning and coordination
  5. Enhance infrastructure development and maintenance