Two community projects in Omaheke Region received vehicles from Social Security Commission (SSC) Development Fund on August 05, 2019.

SSC Chief Executive Officer, Milka Mungunda, handed over the two pick-up vehicles and a trailer to Omaheke Regional Governor, Honourable Festus Ueitele. Honourable Ueitele, together with Omaheke Regional Council’s Chief Regional Officer, Maria Vaendwanawa, received the vehicles on behalf of the Omaheke Regional Council for subsequent handover to the project beneficiaries.

The projects that received the vehicles are Vergenoeg Ada //Gubasen, a firewood and charcoal production project in Vergenoeg in the Kalahari Constituency and Gebedsplaas San self-help dairy and welding project in Otjombinde Constituency.

Omaheke Regional Council responded to a SSC advertisement for development funding in 2014 and submitted applications for both projects under the SSC Development Fund’s employment scheme, aimed at creating employment for socio-economically disadvantaged persons.  The Vergenoeg project received funding of N$975,000 while the Gebedsplaas projects received N$1,900,000.  The vehicles were acquired from the funds mentioned.

Omaheke Regional Council signed a Service Level Agreement in October 2018 with SSC as the development agency of the projects for a period of two years.

During the handover ceremony held at the Omaheke Regional Council premises, Mungunda urged the beneficiaries to use the vehicles only for the intended purposes.  She added that the misuse of funds allocated to the projects will lead to the termination of the project funding.  She further reminded the beneficiaries that they were privileged to be benefitting from the Fund.

Honourable Ueitele encouraged the Omaheke Regional Council to monitor the use of the vehicles to prevent their misuse by providing trip authority books to the projects. The Governor also expressed his gratitude and appreciation to SSC for the gesture, on behalf of the regional leadership.