The Directorate of General Services provides operational support to the Regional Council in order to ensure effective and efficient functioning of the Regional Council.  This is done through the management of both financial and human resources and administrative support.  The Directorate also provides constituency support through all its seven Constituency Offices and settlement administration.


Core Functions

The core functions of the Directorate are implemented by the following three divisions:


Division of Human Resource Management

  • Recruitment and selection of staff members
  • Staff development and support
  • Managing staff members
  • Processing of salaries and benefits


Division of Finance

  • Prepare and monitor the Regional Council’s recurrent and capital budgets
  • Controlling the course of expenditure in relation to appropriated funds
  • Ensuring compliance to laws and regulations governing the state funds
  • Processing staff-related expenditures and creditor payments
  • Preparing report to the Auditor-General and responding to audit queries directed to the Chief Regional Officer
  • Collecting and safekeeping of revenue


Division of Administration

Settlement Administration

  • Provision and maintenance of municipal services (such as water, electricity, sewer and refuse removal at declared settlements
  • Allocation/leasing of plots in declared settlements

Constituency Support

Provision of administrative, secretarial and logistical support to the Regional Councillors and the community-based projects and structures such as Constituency Development Committees.

Information Technology (IT)

Maintain the Regional Council's IT network system as well as computer hardware and software

General Office Support (Auxiliary Services)

  • Asset management
  • Acquisition, control and distribution of stock
  • Contract management
  • Providing logistical and secretarial services at Council, management and administrative meetings
  • Compiling and safekeeping of the Council minutes and monitoring the implementation of Council decisions
  • Acquisition, maintenance, control and distribution of the Regional Council fleet
  • Receipt, directing and screening of all incoming and outgoing calls
  • Maintaining all Regional Council records in accordance with the Archives Act 12 of 1992 
  • Provision of secretarial, administrative and logistical support to the Chief Regional Officer and Directors
  • Maintaining the cleanliness, aesthetics and safeguarding of Regional Council properties
  • Information collection and dissemination as well promotion of Regional Council operations, activities, programmes and services

Disaster Risk Management

  • Providing secretarial support to the Regional Disaster Risk Management Commiittee
  • Coordinating disaster risk management activities
  • Acquisition, storage and distribution of emergency aid to disaster victims